Medicare Part D Transaction Facilitator

Welcome to the Transaction Facilitator website.

NDCHealth d/b/a RelayHealth is the Transaction Facilitator.

This site contains information related to Transaction Facilitation services performed under the CMS Part D Contract.

These services include:

  • Eligibility Verification Transactions for Medicare Part A, B and D (E1 Transactions)
  • TrOOP Balance Transfer Transactions (FIR Transactions)
  • Routing of Record of Supplemental Payment to Part D Plans (Nx Transactions)

For additional information on each of these services, choose the transaction type from the navigation menu at the top. From there, specific information can be accessed by using the secondary navigation menu to the left of the respective pages.

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Payer Sheets for each of the transaction types can be found in the Payer Sheet Section located to the right.

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