E1 Getting Setup



To initiate an evaluation of your real-time connectivity to the Transaction Facilitator, contact TBTSupport@relayhealth.com.

The Transaction Facilitator evaluates any existing lines and determines:

  1. Installation of hardware, such as routers and DSUs.
  2. Size: If a new line installation or increase in capacity of existing lines is needed.

Once you have contacted the Transaction Facilitator, a representative from the Transaction Facilitator works with you to establish connectivity.


To establish an account to deliver batch files to the Transaction Facilitator, complete the batch file transfer request form.

See the "Batch File Layout Requirements" document to view the batch file layout utilized for batch files sent to the Transaction Facilitator.



The process requires that pharmacies and pharmacy system vendors create E1 transactions with specific data contained in certain fields and that those transactions are submitted to the pharmacy or pharmacy system vendors claims processor. Pharmacies and pharmacy system vendors can submit the test claims to prepare for the submissions and receipt of the E1 transaction.

To access the test transactions for Part A and B, see D0 E1Test Cases Part A and B.

If you have questions about the responses you receive from the Eligibility test cases, please contact TBTSupport@relayhealth.com.


You will be able to deliver a file with the test cases described in the real-time section, above. The Facilitator will process those test cases and return the response batch file to you.