FIR Transaction History Request

When requested, the Transaction Facilitator can provide a history of all FIRs for a beneficiary. This report will identify all FIR transactions and their status for a defined period of time. While periodic individual inquiries (small volume) are part of the services performed by the Transaction Facilitator, reports for audit purposes and frequent requests will be provided at the commercially available rates at the requestor's cost.

Due to the nature of these requests, each report must go through development and quality assurance processes and will be scheduled based on resource availability.

If you are interested in requesting a FIR History Report, please complete the FIR History Request form located under Related Documents on the right-hand side of this page and send the request via secure email to

Please note: The Facilitator is required to provide CMS a record of all special data requests requiring development, including the name of the requestor, the date of the request, the data requested, the rationale for the request, and the date the requested work was completed.

For more information regarding the delineation of services covered by CMS versus those covered under commercial agreement see the HPMS memo titled “Part D Transaction Facilitator Updates" located under External Resources on the right-hand side of this page.