Part D Plans

This pilot will provide the notice of hospice election to the Medicare Part D sponsors in a timely manner. Medicare Part D sponsors will be able to utilize hospice election status for purposes of drug coverage determinations, with the intent of minimizing latent subrogations.

During this first phase of the pilot, the Medicare Part D Transaction Facilitator (RelayHealth) will use the Information Reporting (Nx) transaction to provide a record of Hospice elections to the Medicare Part D sponsor. The Nx transaction will be used to track enrollment in hospice, specific to the hospice provider, in the event that a coordination of benefits is required.

Medicare Part D sponsors will be able to process the Hospice Nx Transactions in real-time.

This section provides navigation to topics that are pertinent to Medicare Part D Plans and coordination of benefits with Supplemental Payers.

A high-level summary of the notification process for Hospice